Spring is here.  I love seeing all the new growth come bursting out. But you also see plants and tree limbs that didn’t winter well.  So it is time to prune…

Our lives are much like that. It is time to look over our life to see what is working and what isn’t.  We need to stop (prune) things that are weight us down. Nurture the things that gives us life…

In both categories it can be, people, food, work, business, faith and relationships. 


It this person adding to your life or a emotional drain?  If they are a emotional drain, we should try to speak to them first. But if the behavior continues, it is time to put distance between yourself and that person.  

If the person is adding to you. You have a wonderful relationship, thank them. Let them know you appreciate them.


I am in business for myself.  I get so busy that I don’t realize many times until too late, that I have made a bad decision. Taking on the wrong client or project.  Sometimes the project just is not going to be as great as the client thinks.  So when this does happen, it drains you. Makes allot of stress in your life that you really don’t need to carry.  Know when to pull the plug.  Or better yet, don’t be so quick to say YES to every project.

You also need to be strong in the business relationship.  If you see the red flags flying overr a clients personality ..go with the red flags…It is your spirits internal alarm warning you.  Learn to listen to it.  You will be much better off in the long run.

Love yourself more, the money will come, but we don’t have to please or take on every project that comes down the road.


I have a love/hate relationship with food.  I am a sugaraholic…buthi I have weakened my internal system so badly between eating bad and stress, that I am a constant battle mentally and physicality.  So now I have to choose wisely each bite I put in my body. I have to watch my stress levels. I can not be everything to everybody.

I want to be healthy both mentally and physicality.  God created us to show the world to be good stewards in which he gives us to manage..Thought free will he does allow us to manage until we give up and have faith to do as he says.

So this spring, in stead of diving in with out caution. I am slowing down, regrouping, revamping business, diet and relationships. I will hurt and feel broken for a while, but …. in the end, I will be stronger, more confident and healthier for my own good.

God always allows Re DOs