It was been a long while since I have written.  Alot of life has happened in 2013…Image

I continue to work on my business, my peace of mind and my health.

Today is the day I give up gluten to save and heal my body..This is tough.  I have returned to the kitchen and preparing real food in many different ways.

This summer I went back to restart.  Last year I did the HCG diet. Don’t do it unless you plan on eating very clean. The weigh comes back quickly.  It is not a unhealthy diet, but so restrictive.  I have been researching alot about the body and how it all functions together.

I am a middle age women headed to menopause.  But I have decided not to cave in and wither.  Yes, I believe we can have a very full life during this time.  First don’t let life stress kill you.

Stress of children-God’s joke, teens going through their growing and exploring as you head towards menopause.

Stress of partner-Kid’s, busy schedule, causes you to lose sight of that person you choose to spend your like with.

Financial-Who doesn’t worry about money

People Pleaser- we turn ourselves inside out to make everyone else happy…we make ourselves misable.

Well I found out last summer what damage it does to our body.

It starts shutting down your important systems in your body. Thyroid, adrenal glands , then goes into shutting down important functions in your body.

I am going  to continue this discussion and what I have found out, but yesterday I was told that I HAVE to give up the gluten for good.  It is keeping me sick. I do not want to be sick.  It is holding weight, I do not want to be the weight I am carrying.  Who can change this?  ONLY ME…