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My breakfast blessing

My breakfast blessing

Quinoa w/ apples and walnuts plus more yummy stuff I make this instead of oatmeal. I cook up a batch of quinoa. Then I add grated apple, walnuts, palm coconut sugar, cinnamon, and coconut oil.
This makes for a sweet, warm comforting breakfast. Packed full of nutrients.
The palm coconut sugar is actually very good for you. It is full of amino acids, magnesium and other good for your body stuff.


Today is a soapbox day.   I feel for the young generation trying to make it in this world. 

Economy sucks. So many addicted to drugs. Babies having babies…all so twisted.

My younger son is 22.  Trying all the time to make his life better…yes he has had issues, but he is trying to change all that.

He had a job, but now laid off because of seasonal slow down.  Tried to go for unemployment, denied, didn’t work long enough. met a beautiful girl, turns out she is a Molly user and can’t stop, plus has a 2 year old son on top of that.  This all sounds horrible.

Even if the young ones have a job, they can hardly make ends meet.  

But if you ask many of our young friends, this is the new norm…

What are we to do to change it?

My heart is sad. Life is a struggle. Please encourage, mentor and challenge our youth to change…Walk with them to help them see what life is suppose to be.  Be an example of healthy relationships and non addicted society. They are the future of this country…


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