My So Called LifeLife lessons while growing up in my 40\’s Hey there! Thanks for dropping by My So Called Life! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around!UncategorizedWhew…DecemberFiled under: Uncategorized — Leave a comment December 4, 2012We are already into the 4th day of December…..I am stressed already….not over what to get….we are not really exchanging gifts….but semester  is ending for  Aaron….He is grumpy…his grumpiness makes me stressed….Barry’s company let go about 150 people….thankful we are still employed…stressed because the lost of good people….and this time of year for job loss is always bad.Seth is trying hard to keep his head above water with work.  Plus learning about committed relationship and all the stuff that comes with that…Me….business….keeping up with footage…reshooting shows….trying to sell shows and commercials.  Trying to tie up in the next couple weeks…Diet—UGH!!!!  you try so hard…damn food gets in the way..I am like an alcholic….always thinking about the next fix….of course when you can’t bread, most grains, sugar and very limited dairy…Everything is bad.Then you exercise and then guilt if you don’t do….how do you get off this crazy cycle.I’m praying a whole lot more…going back to my bible and reading….I say to God like George Jetson would say to Jane…..JANE!!!! GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY THING!!!!!”  as he runs the dog on a treadmill….So, remember today..we are in this crazy world together….Congress needs to go jump off it’s own fiscial cliff….like look within their own offices and see where they can save taxes.  Give back to the American citizen.  YEAP…stress of the season…PRAY for us all!!!Share this:Press ThisTwitter1FacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this.Admin: Edit this entryComments RSS feedLeave a Reply« Ellie on top of this gameRecent entriesWhew…DecemberEllie on top of this gameEllie on a ShelfGood Morningwww.EllieProductions.usAUGGGHHello world!Browse popular tagsAngels Carolina coffee dogs Elf Ellie Face Book health mental-health Pinterest Productions question Roger Sessions Shelf video walks of lifeMetaSite AdminLog outEntries RSSComments RSSFriends

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