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Ellie loving the pink and glitter

Ellie loving the pink and glitter


Ellie on a Shelf

Good 1st day of December….this is when I recognize the Christmas season.  This year we have an extra week since Thanksgiving was early…Many decorated, shopped and just started into the season..

I start today..wreath changed on the door, some table decor is being made and decorations are coming down from the attic.

Now I have to admit there is one thing I did start a little early..

Earlier in the week I was having lunch w/ Adrian. She has a 2 year old son.  So this year she is having fun playing Elf on the Shelf with him…so far, she has been very creative each day. Then I came home and saw some very cute postings from Pinterest..It got me thinking…UH OH!!!!!  This is when things get dangerous…First I thought I would buy a doll….then I found out how much they were…..nope, not spending money on that….

Mind kicks in, I know I’ll use photoshop….I’ll use Ellie’s face…..use as something cute to promote Ellie Productions..  Well here is day one….


So let me know what you think.  In case I don’t blog…you can follow me on Face book at Ellie Productions or on Pinterest…..

Happy December 1….enjoy your day…

God Bless

Good Morning

Well, awake since 3:30 am….been think business….

God gives me so many ideas….I really have to follow though better.

Today planning on meeting with Roger, Cullis Entertainment….we produce Carolina Sessions and Angels together…we are starting our campaign today to get sponsors Image for the shows.  Carolina Sessions and Angel’s…

I have show ideas..for Angels.  Ideas for whom to contact….Wonder why I do all this.

So with one coffee in me, dogs up but chillin beside me. Blog set up and post done….

I am ready to meet the day head on!!!