Good 1st day of December….this is when I recognize the Christmas season.  This year we have an extra week since Thanksgiving was early…Many decorated, shopped and just started into the season..

I start today..wreath changed on the door, some table decor is being made and decorations are coming down from the attic.

Now I have to admit there is one thing I did start a little early..

Earlier in the week I was having lunch w/ Adrian. She has a 2 year old son.  So this year she is having fun playing Elf on the Shelf with him…so far, she has been very creative each day. Then I came home and saw some very cute postings from Pinterest..It got me thinking…UH OH!!!!!  This is when things get dangerous…First I thought I would buy a doll….then I found out how much they were…..nope, not spending money on that….

Mind kicks in, I know I’ll use photoshop….I’ll use Ellie’s face…..use as something cute to promote Ellie Productions..  Well here is day one….


So let me know what you think.  In case I don’t blog…you can follow me on Face book at Ellie Productions or on Pinterest…..

Happy December 1….enjoy your day…

God Bless