Some days are just a pain. Today is one of them…

Busy trying to get work done….Dogs nag you to death…grown children either complaining or yelling cuz you are not performing to their expectations.

Nerves feeling a little pinched tonight.

I must eat right or I get sick or it makes me fat.

Must be on top of my projects.

One ray of sunshine this week. My friend Adrian is starting to feel better!  She has Lupus.  It was been hard since she got sick.

Went from talking, texting or meeting…planning a future of our show and a PR firm…..all came to a screeching halt.

She is coming off chemo next week. Thank God. I pray for healing for her. But if  there is a message to bring out….well God

did pick a great messenger!  We hope to pick back up soon….

I know I am whining tonight.. But God has blessed me with a great life.  I work with a wonderful team of talented people.

They put trust into me and allow me to run their fantastic projects.  I get to meet the most interesting people from all walks

of  life….

I have no idea where this path is going….but I am going to remain on it…..