It’s a brand new day.

Today I have given up!!! GLUTEN…I have spent 2 years trying so many eating plans that I read about.
Well it has come down to I can’t follow others plans. I need to do for MY body as God intended for me
to eat. He does create us as individuals, not as special plans to market to others..we are not cookie
cutters,not a one size fits all.
I have been adding alot a changes to my diet and taking supplements to make me better, BUT I was not eliminating
many of my “bad” foods. Bread, sugar and fried foods. Even tomatoes have had to go for the most part.

How did I find this all out? Many avenues. Not one program or specialist could singlerly help me. I have a team of
different doctors, research my self and God…They all help, but the most helpful to get me going was when I starting
seeing Doc Marcia. She performs acupuncture. That is when I learned about my organ health and energy blockage in my
body. I have a certain body type that needs certain food groups.

Now that I am eating to the foods that work with my body type, I no longer am craving all the bad foods. I have given up all sodas, learned to go back to the basics for cooking..I LOVE IT. I have energy, stamina and a renewed outlook on life.
I have not lost weigh yet, but my body is changing.

Wheat, sugar alternatives and sugars where causing many bad symptoms in my body. I no longer have body aches, joint pain and stiffness though out my body. There is a lot more to share, but this is what I have for today..

Have a great week!